The guide to every French publicly-owned building and real estate

Did you know that french Foreign office owned a parking in singapour and a chaplaincy in Ankara ? Could you name each one of the 96 cathedrals or 742 beaches owned by french’s State ? Let’s have a short trip in french publicly owned real estate.



If we’d just have a look on these 13 files published on the french public opendata directory and also published on Data Publica, french publicly owned real estate is rich of 25 000 various properties such as : ambassy, fields, garage, office buildings etc… It’s a national treasure worth 60.5 € billions in 2009 (107 € billions if we add 584 state owned public companies such as The Louvre, public universities, we call them in France French operators)
Data publica wanted to share an interactive trip in french public real estate. We have to precise that these data do not contains properties owned by the ministry of Defense and all the military areas.

Just type in the name of a town or village to access the data on a map and the list in a table below.
Be aware that there might still remain some mistakes of localisation.


You want to buy french public real estate ? You can !

Publicly owned buildings are frequently sold. You have the opportunity to buy looking on the french ministry of Finance website that announces all the future sells for Paris, Paris’s suburbs and regions. The aim is to sell at least 1700 properties before 2013 so make your choice !


This way if you want to access the large version of this article (in french).


Benjamin Gans – INRIA

Thomas Dudouet – Data Publica

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